PhraseApp lets you update translations for your iOS and Android applications with a single click. No need to release a new version to the App Store or Google Play. PhraseApp lets you push updates for text labels in your mobile apps instantly.

PhraseApp OTA is currently in beta and part of our Pro plan and higher.


Install the appropriate SDK to connect your app with PhraseApp:


Get started with PhraseApp Over the Air by creating your first distribution. Within a distribution you can define the target platforms (i.e. iOS, Android). You can have multiple distributions but typically you will have one distribution per project. Use the distribution ID and the specific environment secret to address a distribution within the SDK.


To update translations, simply create a new release within the distribution. This will export the current state of your project and make it available to the connected clients. For each release you can specify:

  • Environment: Decide whether the release is for development only or should be pushed to production
  • Version range: Define which version of your app should receive the update
  • Platform: Publish an update to either Android, iOS or both


Can I use PhraseApp Over the Air?

PhraseApp Over the Air is currently in private beta and will be available as part of the Pro plan. Please contact us if you're interested in trying it out.

What platforms do you support?

PhraseApp Over the Air currently supports delivering translations to iOS and Android. If you want to use it with other platforms and formats, please contact us.

Do you collect usage metrics?

We do collect certain metrics to calculate the usage of the feature. These information will be made available to you soon.

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